14 Sep–31 Dec 2022

Annika Kahrs
Manifesto of fragility
group exhibition at 16th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lyon, FR

01 Jun–04 Sep 2022

Annika Kahrs
how to live in the echo of other places
solo exhibition at Imagine the City, Hamburg, DE

From 18 Feb 2022

Annika Kahrs, Paul Spengemann, Thomas Schütte
something new, something old, something desired
Group exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle, DE

04 Dec 2021–26 Feb 2021

Annika Kahrs
Seapool in the context of Videonächte
at Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, DE

20 Nov 2021 – 08 Jan 2022

Annika Kahrs
all the lonely people
Group exhibition at LAXART, Los Angeles, US

13 Nov 2021–13 Feb 2022

Annika Kahrs
The poetry of Translation
Group exhibition at Kunst Meran, Meran, IT

25 Sept - 09 Jan 2021

Annika Kahrs
Denken wie ein Oktopus, oder: Tentakuläres Begreifen
Group exhibition at Rudolf Scharpf Galerie of the Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, DE

25 Sept – 10 Oct 2021

Annika Kahrs
all the lonely people
Group exhibition at Villa Aurora & Silent Green, Berlin, DE

19 Jun - 17 Oct 2021

Annika Kahrs
The Architecture of Confinement
Group exhibition at BNKR, Munich, DE

27 May – 05 Sep 2021

Annika Kahrs
Sound and Silence – Der Klang der Stille in der Kunst der Gegenwart
Group Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn, DE

15 Apr 2021

Annika Kahrs
the lord loves changes, it’s one of his greatest delusions
Performance with Louis D’heudieres at No Fluxus Room Music Festival in Brussel, BE

17 Apr – 30 May 2021

Annika Kahrs
silence is the sound of a missed opportunity
Solo exhibition with contribution by Louis d’Heudieres at Yellow Solo in Berlin, DE

06 Mar – 17 Apr 2021

Annika Kahrs
Le juste Prix
Group Exhibition at La Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard, Paris, FR

15 – 17 Jan 2021

Annika Kahrs
Listen Deeply (Infra Voice)
Screening at Mona Foma Art- and Filmfestival, Launceston, AU

21 Oct – 12 Dec 2020

Annika Kahrs & Derya Yıldırım
with text by Duygu Ağal
sesin melodim, seslerin yankım benim deine stimme ist mein klang ist dein geräusch ist mein echo, MIND the GAP #2
at Bieberhaus, Hamburg, DE

03 Oct 2020 – 10 Jan 2021

Annika Kahrs
Group Exhibition at Villa Schöningen, Potsdam, DE

22 Aug – 11 Oct 2020

Annika Kahrs
Being laid up was no excuse for not making at – Corona Sound System
Group Exhibition at Kunstverein in Hamburg, DE

May – Jul 2020

Annika Kahrs
One’s Company, Two’s A Crowd, Six Is A Party. Annika Kahrs & Nguyen Phuong-Dan
Residency at Fleetstreet, Hamburg, DE

29 Jan 2020

Annika Kahrs
Double Feature
Screening at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, DE

13 Apr – 03 Nov 2019

Annika Kahrs, Paul Spengemann
Fuzzy Dark Spot
group exhibition at Sammlung Falckenberg – Deichtorhallen Hamburg, DE

16 Mar – 07 Apr 2019

Annika Kahrs
group exhibition curated by Julia Katharina Thiemann at Q18, Cologne, DE


08 Mar – 14 Apr 2019

Annika Kahrs
the billion year spree
solo exhibition at Flat Time House
210 Bellenden Rd, London,
SE15 4BW, UK

15 – 17 Feb 2019

Annika Kahrs
MOVES#200 – 202
a Calendar, a Performance, a Concert, and Films by
a three days celebration at italic, Leipzig, DE

08 Sept 2018 – 06 Jan 2019

Annika Kahrs
AMBITUS Kunst und Musik heute
group exhibition at Kunstmuseum Kloster unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg, DE

13 Sept 2018, 7 pm

Annika Kahrs
Staging Realities II
Performance at Kunstverein in Hamburg, DE

23 Mar – 31 Oct 2018

Annika Kahrs
We Have Delivered Ourselves the Tonal – of, with, towards, on Julius Eastman
group exhibition
at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, DE

09 Feb – 25 Mar 2018

Annika Kahrs
Infra Voice
solo exhibition at Kasseler Kunstverein, DE